Managing Director

Marco Leliveld has been engineering and supplying castings and forgings since 1989. He started his career as sales engineer at Prins Metallurgische Producten B.V., at that time a small trading company in The Netherlands, but was then soon discovered by a leading French Steel and S.G.-Iron foundry in the Ardennes, Fonderies Collignon S.A., who hired him as export sales director to develop export markets outside of France, mainly in the automotive sector. In this foundry, Marco achieved a thorough knowledge of the do’s and don’ts in castings.

From 2002-2010 Marco was Commercial and Technical Director of Prins Metallurgische Producten B.V. Under his management, this company was highly professionalized and made very profitable, which lead to a friendly takeover by Penguin Ventures in 2008.

Over the last years, Marco had made more than 85 business trips to Chinese foundries and forging companies, to develop and control quality metal parts for leading European O.E.M. customers.

Marco can also be hired to solve complex metallurgical or dimensional problems in castings or forgings all over the world.

About Us

More than 25 years of experience

Chinforce was founded by three engineers with substantial commercial and technical experience in the business of sourcing from Low Cost Countries. We strive for long term relationships with customers and suppliers. Eventually, we are looking to support a good cause in any country we operate in.

We interview our customers in such a way that we know all the particulars of their products and demands so we can transfer this knowledge to our LCC-partner companies. Our value is highest with larger companies that want to benefit from our experience to obtain a better service, more focus, lower prices with the required quality.

Whether you want to talk about steel, iron or non-ferrous parts, we speak your language!